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  •  Repeater Summary Details for GB3BK.
      GB3BK: 23cm Repeater Bromley Kent.
      Keeper/NoV holder: Dave  (G0WYG).
      Band: 23cm (RM0A).
      Output frequency: 1299.8500MHz.
      RX Frequency:1293.8500MHz.
      Mode: Analogue voice repeater.
      CTCSS: 103.5Hz.
      ETCC Region: South-East.
      Location/Whereabouts: Bromley Kent.
      Note: Locations may be shown to an approximation in some cases for security reasons.
      Location: NGR: TQ398717.


GB3BK Started in September 2006 when 2 enthusiasts G0TOD (Todd) and M1DMN (Bob) were looking to get a new 23cm voice repeater to go on air in or around London/Kent boarders, they finally ended up banging on my front door asking if I was interested in housing the repeater at my home QTH, they didn't have to ask me twice I jumped at the chance to help and to give my support in any way I can. When the first application was applied for there were some mixed feelings the biggest being would it get approved or rejected by the CAA (Civil aviation authority), well it did get rejected by the CAA so we started to look at other possibilities maybe a 3 meg split repeater but this didn't seem feasible the question was would the cavities tune with the odd split there was some doubt, we then looked at maybe a parrot box as the last resort. Not wanting to be defeated or give up it was then someone suggested we apply again this time for another frequency but further up the band, it took just over a year to get the application though once it was approved, our thanks go to Dave G7UZN who tuned the repeater with the new crystal, retuning the cavities to the new frequency and installing the logic. GB3BK finally come on air on Sunday the 6th January 2008, With only a few 23cm repeaters doted around the UK, GB3BK is the first 23cm Voice repeater to be found in London and within the M25 Motorway. RF reports welcome Click Here

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GB3BK, is made up using 2 Vhf GM340s mobile radios and a mini-kit transverter, housed in the Motorola XPR8300 Case. Mini-Kits Visit site
RF reports welcome Click Here
Scom 7330 3 port controller which is interfaced to the Cat RLS-1000b, the functions of the controller in PDF format can be downloaded Here or Visit site.
Bird Technologies manufacturers a comprehensive line of duplexers with the critical specifications you require to operate a high performance system. Visit Site
This is a prediction of the coverage map for GB3BK.

Repeater Summary Details for GB3BK Click Here