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  •  Repeater Summary Details for GB3KB.
      GB3KB: 50Mhz Repeater Bromley Kent.
      Keeper/NoV holder: Dave  (G0WYG).
      Band: 6 Meters (50Mhz) (R50-03).
      Output frequency: 50.7400MHz.
      RX Frequency: 51,2400MHz.
      Mode: Analogue voice repeater.
      CTCSS: 103.5Hz.
      ETCC Region: South-East.
      Location/Whereabouts: Bromley Kent.
      Note: Locations may be shown to an approximation in some cases for security reasons.
      Location: NGR: TQ398717.


GB3KB Welcome to the new 6 meter repeater which come online on 08-09-2018 this replaces my 6 meter simplex link that was on 50.520 (50Mhz) the repeaters callsign is GB3KB, TX 50.740, RX 51.240, please use ctcss 103.5 for access. GB3KB is using a modified low band Philips FX-5000, RF reports are welcomed. Click Here  
Click a pic to enlarge.  
Philips FX5000 50MHZ  repeater, this is a low band (70Mhz) base station modified to 50Mhz, TX 50.740, RX 51.240, please use ctcss 103.5 for access. RF reports welcome Click Here
Full-size duplex filter (DPRE4-4(50). An aluminum case is welded in to minimize the losses. The cavity is made of high-quality copper for ensuring the high selective properties. The regulating screw is made of invar for good thermal stability. The absence of connector couplings decreases both the cost of duplexer and the losses in electrical contacts. All the contacts are soldered.  Visit Site
  Scom 7330 3 port controller which is interfaced to the Cat RLS-1000b, the functions of the controller in PDF format can be downloaded Here or Visit site.

This is a prediction of the coverage map for GB3KB.

Repeater Summary Details for GB3KB Click Here