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GB3OY. This link is dedicated to GB3OY, on here you will find information, photos and live audio from the repeater, to read more Click Here

24-2-2019 I have installed CQ100 (virtual radio). CQ100 can be found on 29.510 and is connected to my other links using the Signalink USB interface, you can download the 30 day trial version after registering, CQ100 is now free to use every Sunday (GMT). Vist site

08-2-2019 I have linked GB3BK 23cm repeater back on the system, in the past it always bounced the other radios connected, hopefully I have cured the problem.

25-1-2019. I now installed HAMSTIR-X to the system this is a VOIP crossband interface which allows Wires-X and EchoLink to commnicate with each other either by PC or RF operators. This system requires only one transceiver and one aerial, and is also linked to the rest of the system.

24-1-2019. GB3KB will be the main callsign used on Echolink, Wires-X, CQ100 and UiView32 (APRS).

17-1-2019. GB3KB is now back on the system.

29-11-2018. My Scom is back after being repaired, GB3BK and GB3KB are not on the system they are standalone for the time being.

27-10-2018. My Scom is playing up and been sent back to the states for repair, so for now GB3BK and GB3KB is operational but not on the system, hopefully I will fix the problem soon  then get the repeaters back on with the other links.

08-09-2018. I have now closed down my 6 meter simplex link on 50.520 and replaced it with a 6 meter (50Mhz) repeater with the callsign GB3KB TX 50.740, RX 51.240, please use ctcss 103.5 for access GB3KB.
10-08-2018. I have installed the Yaesu HRI-200  this is interfaced to the the rest of the system. Wires (Wide-coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System) is an Internet communication system which expands the range of amateur radio communication. For Wires-X, an amateur node station connecting to the Internet is used as the access point and connects the wireless communication to the Internet. Wires-X of course also supports traditional analog FM users. Not only can analog FM stations have a QSO with each other, Wires-X also permits C4FM Digital stations to communicate with analog FM stations. My room on Wires-X is user ID: GB3KB-RPT 34176, GB3KB-LINKS ID: 44176.
19-07-2016. I now added another link which is on (6 meters) 50.520, once again thanks to Dave G7UZN for the equipment, this is made up of a Motorola GM340 and a R&N Electronics transverter.

03-07-2016. I have added some ip cameras, Shack Cam and Garden Cam, you can view them Here
15-03-2016. Thanks to Dennis G0OLX, GB3BK is now back with full power.

14-02-2016. I am having problems with Echolink not decoding DTMF tones from RF, until I can resolve the problem DTMF will not always decode.

12-09-2015. GB3BK is back on with reduced power.
29-08-2015. Its taken some time to get the Cat RLS-1000b 3 port expander interfaced to the Scom 7330 3 port repeater controller, it seems not many people aren't as mad as me with what I wanted to achieve, with emails bouncing back and forth to the states and with some wrong information mainly with the wiring harness. I finaly wired the Cat RLS-1000b into the system to expand the ports. My system has 5 RF links and 3 VOIP links which all cross band to Echolink, Wires-X and CQ100 (Virtual radio), CQ100  is on 29.510, RF Repeater links are on GB3KB 50.740 and GB3BK 1299.850, RF Simplex links are on 144.9625, 70.4125 and 430.050, all work simultaneously. Any of the RF ports can make the connection to Echolink, WIres-X or CQ100. You don't need to make a physical connection to Echolink Wires-X or CQ100  to cross band from one frequency to another. All links use CTCSS 103.5 for access, Key down is set to 3 minutes and dead carrier and inactivity timeouts are set to 1 minute.
01-01-2015. I now reinstated Uiview using a PK-232 Tnc in conjunction with Echolink this is used to provide information about my links which may be helpful to nearby stations trying to locate them. You can see my position Here
20-08-2014. The old BK which was an Icom ICRP-1210 has now given up, my thanks again to to Dennis G0OLX, Dave G7UZN who once again came to the rescue to build a new GB3BK, the repeater is made up using 2 Vhf GM340 mobile radios and a mini-kit transverter, all mounted in the Motorola XPR8300 Case. Read more
20-08-2014. Cat RLS-1000b 3 port expander, this is used on the system which is connected to Scom 7330 to expand the ports. You can download the PDF file Here or Visit Site
21-12-2013. Yet another controller which I purchased this time from the states, the Scom 7330 can control three separate repeaters or simplex radios. The port related hardware for each port is completely separate it's like having 3 separate controllers in one box. I use the controller for my 3 simplex links which makes the connections to Echolink, all ports now have a courtesy tone to indicate that the link is active and end of over, the functions of the controller in PDF format can be downloaded Here or Visit site
19-10-2013. I have added a new controller supplied by John VK5DJ this is a 2 port linking repeater controller design for amateur or professional use usually a duplex repeater on port 1 and a simplex link or gateway on port 2. This is used to link GB3BK to the above Scom 7330 controler. Visit site
05-10-2013. eQSO is now closing due to lack of users, registrations are now closed.
27-08-2013. After many years running eQSO RF gateways I have now decided to close the link and concentrate on Echolink, I will of course carry on doing some of the Admin side of things like registration.
12-08-2013. I now have GB3BK (23cm Repeater) connected to the other links which are on 144.9625, 50.520, 70.4125 and 430.050 all simultaneously and connected to Echolink.
07-04-2013. I have installed The ID-O-Matic II this is used in beacon mode only this is a multipurpose, PIC microcontroller based device. It can act as a simple 10-minute timer with audio and visual outputs to remind you when it's time to ID. Its real application, however, is as an automatic Morse code IDer and simple repeater controller. This has been added to stop Echolinks CW-ID transmitting over QSO's, the interface will hold off the CW-ID until the carrier has dropped. Visit site
GB3NS. Is now operational from its new site near Chaldon on the North Downs in North Surrey with a new equipment line up. The new Motorola DR3000 Unit is dual mode - Analogue or Digital. Visit site